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ElastiTag Band Illustration

There are times when you need that something extra to hold it together.

Here is where our band comes to the rescue. You can bundle products, combine value packs or reduce packaging. Our colorful elastomer combined with a printed tag section gives you room for an impactful message.

Still Standing Foot Spray Bundle ElastiTag Band around Carrefour Bio banana bunch
ElastiTag Band bundling 2 Milk Shake Hair Products ElastiTag Band bundling 2 Erza Brooks

“I need to bundle some products together.”
We’ve got some out-banding options.

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Band Packaging

Our packaging options vary based on the details of each order. We'll do whatever we can to meet the needs of your project, making sure it's easy from start to finish. View Brochure

spooled packaging


The ElastiBand ® is manufactured on a spool with perforations between each band. Standard spools are packaged 1000 bands/spool - 4 spools/case. Spool and case sizes may vary depending on band sizes.