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Special Features

Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping adds extra glamour and sophistication to your tag design. We offer classic silver and gold options, as well as colors and patterns (swatches can be sent to you). Show us your preliminary artwork and we’ll help you achieve your desired look.

Scented Coating


Adding a scented coating to an ElastiTag® gives the shopper a sensory experience without having to open your product. We can apply a rub-n-smell varnish over the whole tag or just on top of a specific design element.

Clear Substrate

Along with our white polypropylene normally used in producing the ElastiTag®, we also offer a clear PET material. This clear film gives you different design options for creative effects on a single panel or folded ElastiTag®.

Clear PET

Cast & Cure

Cast & Cure is a unique effect created from a patterned film that is “cast” onto your printed design with a UV curable coating. The tag can appear holographic, iridescent, or even prism-like because of the way light reflects off these patterns.

Metallic Ink


Add a little sparkle to your artwork with a glitter ink applied by rotary screen. Show us your idea for adding glitter to your ElastiTag® and we’ll help with the possibilities!

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When tactile ink is applied by rotary screen on targeted areas of your design, it offers added dimension to the final ElastiTag®. A small enhancement like this can turn into a strong impact on the store shelf!

Clear PET

Scratch-Off Coating

Scratch-off coatings reveal a special code and invites the shopper to engage with your website or social media. There are distinct areas on the ElastiTag® where the variable data and scratch-off feature can be applied.

Metallic Ink

Metallic Ink

You can add glitz or a high-end look to your design by using metallic inks. For the ElastiTag®, this feature offers the best results when UV flexo metallic inks are applied.

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Color Shifting Coating

There are color-shifting pigments in certain inks we use that offer light reflecting changes with movement of the ElastiTag®. Ask us for samples and we’ll show you how magically this ink can change color!

Clear PET

Glow in the Dark

Illuminate your design with a specialty glow-in-the-dark varnish. It can be applied over targeted design components to make them glow in the dark! How cool is that?

Metallic Ink

Writable Coatings

While the film-based material we use to make the ElastiTag® is durable and tear resistant, it can be difficult to write on with a normal ink pen. We can remedy that by applying a writable coating over your printed tag!

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