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"Standard" and "Matrix" are terms that represent how the ElastiTag® is positioned side-by-side on a web of material.

A standard ElastiTag® is printed and die cut with NO gaps of material between each individual tag.

A matrix ElastiTag® is printed and die cut WITH a gap of material between each tag, so a section (or matrix) of material is pulled away.

Both of these types of tags have distinct options for the way artwork can bleed off the edges of the tag.

We utilize film-based substrates for the durable ElastiTag®. The majority of our single and bifold tags are printed on an 8 mil white polypropylene. We can also use a 10# white index paper (for single tags only) and a 5 mil clear PET material (single or bifold tags).

Each ElastiTag® die is a unique shape, the loops and tag portions are not interchangeable. If you find a certain loop is perfect for your product, but the tag is not the size you desire; call our Account Reps for assistance with the possibility of creating a custom ElastiTag® shape.

Yes! We design custom die shapes every week for customers. Our Sales team will help you determine what loop shape and tag size will work best for your specific application and goal. We can send laser cut ElastiTag® samples before an actual die is ordered so you can test it on your products. (A development fee is required.)

The ElastiTag® is most often manufactured on a durable 8mil polypropylene. We have various coatings available to give your ElastiTag® design the finish you desire. Some of these include: matte and gloss UV varnishes, matte and gloss overlaminates, and a standard water base varnish.

Print plates are required when your ElastiTag® project will be printed on a flexographic press. Depending on the ElastiTag® die and your artwork, regular print plates or continuous print sleeves will be necessary. Our Graphics and Sales teams will inform you which are needed when they review preliminary artwork.

From the point in which we receive a signed approval of artwork in addition to your Purchase Order, we normally require 2-3 weeks to manufacture ElastiTag® orders that are digitally printed, and 4 weeks for tags that are flexographically printed. If there are custom dies, specialty foils or unique coatings needed for your project, lead times may need to be longer. Our Sales teams keep you informed on those special circumstances.

Orders can be custom packaged and drop shipped. A drop ship fee applies as well as a custom packaging charge. Contact an Account Rep for more information.

There are a number of payment options available. We accept credit cards including, American Express, MasterCard, and VISA. We also accept cash in advance, or you may wish to establish a business line of credit. To fill out a credit application, please contact your Account Rep.

Design Guide Illustration

Looking for some design help?

Standard or Matrix? Flexo or Digital? Cast & Cure or Foil? It's easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t know what you’re dealing with. But have no fear! We’ve got your back with our extensive Design Guide. It will explain everything you need to know to feel confident with your project.